Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Boxing Today

As what it is today, the game is regulated with a three minute interval series called “rounds” and a one minute rest intervals between rounds. The player is considered the winner if he is able to knock down an opponent. The player is considered defeated if he is no longer able to get up before the tenth second count made by the referee which is qualified as a Knockout or KO; and if too injured to continue fighting which is qualified as a Technical Knockout or TKO. If the fight continued on without stops in between agreed rounds, the judges’ or the referee’s decision will determine the winner. Wrestling type of fighting is totally banned in boxing.

A pair of average “fair sized” gloves changed the nature of the fight. It resembles a pair of bloated mittens laced up around the wrist. It protects both the fighter and the opponent from serious hand and facial injuries. It is also used to block the strong blow of the other player making it even harder to achieve victory through a knockout or a technical knockout. It explains why the bouts of modern boxing are longer and needs skilled strategies and maneuvers to achieve success.

As time went on, it wasn’t only the men who were heroes in the boxing rings. Women were brave enough and started to invade the world of fighting sports as well

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